Nancy Scheer

Calligraphy by Nancy assists clients nationwide with hand-done and computer printing calligraphy. Her studio is in Baltimore, Maryland USA, and her portfolio is available to view in person by appointment only. Calligraphy by Nancy is a member of the Washington Calligraphers Guild.

A few samples from her portfolio can be found on Instagram.  She offers traditional, hand-done calligraphy and computerized lettering printing.

Rates and other information can be found by clicking the Adobe icon on the upper right hand corner.

All inquiries can be sent a personalized sample if a mailing address is provided. The personalized sample is the hand-done, traditional calligraphic font most popular by previous clientele and now is the only hand-done font style offered. Nancy also offers over 100 computer lettering styles - print, calligraphy and script .

If you would like a pre-printed font match, please submit the font name, or email an example. Most computerized fonts can be utlized at no charge or used for your project with a small download fee from designer.

Studio Hours 
Monday-Friday  6 - 8 PM, EST
Saturday-Sunday  12 - 
By Appointment Only